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Faema short sleeve jersey


Eddy Merckx' famous Faema jersey. Faema is of course well known for it's superb espresso machines, but their fame rose together with their sponsorship of the Faema cycling team. The star of that team was without doubt Belgian super-cyclist Eddy Merckx, a.k.a. The Cannibal (for his ever lasting hunger for victories). Merckx was not only a great cyclist, taking 5 Tour de France victories, 5 Giro d'Italia victories, and another Giro d'Espagna victory, but he was also something of a pop star with his looks and attitude. Still, Merckx is seen as one of the greatest ever and remains a legend in cycling. 

This jersey is a replica of the original Faema jerseys in which Merckx rode to so many victories. The jersey has a ¾ concealed zipper as well as three back pockets and an extra long back panel. It is made of high quality, very breathable fabric, and produced in Europe. 

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