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Sizing guides

When ordering online cycle clothing, it is important to get the size exactly right. This saves you having to return kit that does not fit, and helps you get on your bike in your desired outfit as soon as possible! Please keep in mind that cycle clothing is often relatively small. When you doubt about the right size, we usually recommend going for 1 size larger than you would normally wear. Most product pages on our site do feature a sizing chart however, to help you pick the right size. If you can't find it on the product page, please go to the general page of that brand and there you should definitely find the guide you are looking for!


Standard sizing

Brands from Northern Europe and the United States, such as Craft and Rogelli or Twin Six and Cognito, have regular sizing.


Smaller sizing

All Italian and Spanish cycle clothing is smaller than what you would be used to in the UK. We therefore always recommend ordering at least one size larger than you would normally wear. This goes for brands such as Castelli, Sportful, Giordana or Nalini. 


Aero race jerseys or pro-team originals

Would you like an aero race jersey or a pro-team original jersey, then keep in mind that these are even smaller than usual. They have a very slim fit and are made for professionals. If you are not sized like a professional cyclist.. please order at least 1 or 2 sizes larger. 



If you have any questions about sizing, please contact us at info@cyclingoutfits.co.uk. 

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