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About us

Cyclingoutfits is a young and innovative company founded out of a passion for cycling and a passion for beautiful and original cycling clothing. Like so many others, we too are avid cyclists, but we didn’t stop there. Grooming is very important within the cycling sport. Our drive is to offer special, beautiful, unique and sometimes also extravagant cycling clothing. In doing so, we don’t lose track of functionality and quality; it goes without saying that our goal stays the same: enabling you to cycle as a professional. Our long passion for cycling and the cycling sport has resulted in a beautiful collection of cycling clothing. After all, every cyclist is sensitive to a bit of style.

Focus on cycling clothing

Cyclingoutfits was founded out of a passion for cycling and beautiful, unique (retro) cycling clothing. Contrary to many other suppliers, Cyclingoutfits focuses on cycling clothing. We believe that specializing leads to more expertise and a nicer, broader and deeper collection of cycling clothes and accessories. And that shows. We want to offer anyone the opportunity to cycle wearing the cycling clothes we like. If possible, we supply directly from the manufacturer and try to skip the distributive trade as much as possible. By doing this, we are able to maintain lower prices.

Unique cycling clothing

At Cyclingoutfits, we put quality, functionality, service and user-friendliness first. Cyclingoutfits is always on the lookout for the latest, most functional and best cycling clothing that is just slightly different. Are you looking for original (retro) cycling clothing or are you simply looking for nice cycling clothing for a decent price? Then you’ve come to the right place at Cyclingoutfits.co.uk. Cyclingoutfits offers a unique and very broad range of retro cycling clothing, pro team clothing and original cycling clothing for anyone who is looking for something a little bit different. With Cyclingoutfits, you’ll always ride like a pro.

Sustainability Policy

In addition to offering sustainable cycling clothing, Cyclingoutfits aims to make packaging and shipment as carbon-neutral as possible. Our products are in 95% of the cases shipped in sustainable packaging made of recycled materials. We deliberately choose to use paper and cardboard rather than plastic, which many other providers use for their shipments. The paper and cardboard envelopes and boxes in which we send our products are all made ​​of recycled materials and they are also reusable and recyclable. In addition, Cyclingoutfits tries to ship its products by regular mail if possible, so that the items are distributed by the mailman, which often means it is done by bicycle or on foot. This way, we have to rely less on couriers, who often have less climate neutral operating procedures. Besides offering beautiful, original and functional cycling clothing, Cyclingoutfits wants to contribute to the preservation of natural resources and a reduced ecological footprint.

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Passion for retro cycling clothing

Cyclingoutfits has a passion for the cycling sport and for retro cycling clothing. Cycling racing is a sport with history and the classic cycling jerseys of past generations each tell their own story. Many cycling enthusiasts get romantic and nostalgic about cycling achievements of the past. That is why Cyclingoutfits offers a wide range of retro cycling clothing and cycling clothing of the past, next to team clothing.

Below you’ll find a picture of Louis Trousselier, the winner of the Tour de France in 1904, in his "wool” cycling jersey.