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Cyclingoutfits.co.uk, passion for cycling apparel

Two old friends from University decided int he summer of 2014 that Britain could do with more choice when it comes to cycling kit. Sharing a passion for cycling, taking us as far as the roads of Belgium and Mallorca, we took the leap and started Cyclingoutfits. Since then we have been pedalling hard to get where we are now. From our base in Surrey, we try to offer you a wide variety of kit ranging from top quality mainstream brands to unique small designers from all over the world. Because we believe that cycle clothing is a key element of the ride, both for performance and the looks! We only source from genuine suppliers and manufacturers, offering you the real stuff and no counterfeit. We try to ship in small recycled envelopes to minimise cost and environmental impact. And we try our best to add you to our circle of happy customers - please come and try us.

Focus on cycling apparel

Cyclingoutfits was created from a passion for cycling and beautiful, unique (retro) cycle clothing. This gives Cyclingoutfits, in contrast to many other suppliers, a focus on cycling apparel. We think that specialisation leads to more expertise and a broader, better and deeper collection of cycle clothing and accessories. And that is what you can see when you browse through our shop. At Cyclingoutfits, we are looking for kit that is just a little bit different than you might have seen elsewhere. Cyclingoutfits offers a unique and very broad range of retro clothing and other kit from lesser known brands. We buy straight from the manufacturer so that we can offer you the lowest price available. 

Passion for retro cycling wear

Cyclingoutfits has a passion for cycling sports and therefore a passion for retro cycling wear. Cycling is a sports with a fantastic history and the old cycling jerseys all tell their own great stories. Lots of cycling fanatics get romantic and nostalgic feelings when they talk about races and heroes from the past. It is for that reason that Cyclingoutfits offers a large assortment of retro cycle clothing.